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Meal Replacement

Fuel yourself with a nutrient-thick formula that can replace meals, curb your appetite, and deliver the essential nutrients that your daily diet may lack. It’s often difficult to consume nutritious meals when you work a busy schedule, have commitments and errands to run, and don’t have time to cook. Maintain your intake of key nutrients with Evolve Meal Replacements.

Sustain yourself with the Real Meal Shake, a results-driven blend that supports your body goals and nutrient intake. These meal replacements won’t replace a balanced diet but will support one. Pro-Treat is a high-protein dessert that can optimise your recovery overnight with its sustained-release blend. These formulas support your weight, muscle and health goals, supporting digestion and immune health. 

Don’t try to run on an empty stomach. Refuel with a meal replacement.


Evolve Real Meal

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