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The Holy Grail of Guilt-Free Desserts

  • Struggling to curb your sweet tooth? #PROTREATyoself

  • Having trouble meeting your daily protein intake? #PROTREATyoself

  • Unable to put down the tub of Halo Top? #PROTREATyoself

  • Want to repair and replenish your muscles overnight? #PROTREATyoself


The holy grail of protein-rich desserts has arrived, and guess what? It won’t even put a dent in your progress!

If you’ve tuned into social media this week, you’re likely well aware that Evolve has just launched a brand new product and it’s well and truly lighting up social media feeds. If you’re not of the social media era, we’re beyond excited to introduce you to your new nighttime best friend, Pro-Treat!




Simply put, Evolve Pro-Treat is the ultimate nighttime low-calorie, high-protein and guilt-free custard-like dessert.
Boasting high-quality, slow-digesting casein protein, glutamine, precursors and BCAAs, Pro-Treat is designed to promote optimal muscle recovery, muscle growth, enhanced digestion, and boosted immune health to ensure you get the results you’ve worked for, even in your downtime.


  • High-protein formula - Curb your cravings while simultaneously increasing your daily protein intake

  • No nasty ingredients - Pro-Treat contains zero fillers, zero banned substances and is even gluten-free

  • Sustained release protein - Casein is a time-release protein that absorbs slowly in the gut. As such, it’s best taken at night to help reduce muscle breakdown, which generally occurs while you sleep.

  • Low-calorie formula - Satisfy your cravings while keeping on track. Only 120 calories per serving!  

  • Promotes muscle growth & recovery - Did you know that your body’s L-Glutamine levels can decrease by up to 50% after an intense workout? Glutamine has been added to the formula to help increase Glutamine levels, which in turn assists muscle recovery and growth.




The best part about Pro-Treat is that it is designed for EVERY body. Whether you’re looking for a delicious late night dessert to curb your sweet tooth without deviating from your health goals or a tasty way to boost your daily protein intake to help replenish and repair your muscles overnight, Pro-Treat is perfect for all fitness levels and taste buds - from elite level athletes to health-conscious consumers. Now, let’s talk FLAVOUR- Evolve Pro-Treat comes in four killer flavour combinations. You can choose between chocolate, salted caramel, coconut caramel and banana.



Better still, if you’re short on time or don’t quite understand macros, Evolve Pro-Treat is as easy as adding one scoop, pouring in water, and stirring… Yep, that’s right - no additional ingredients or utensils required!  


Step 1 Add one scoop of Pro-Treat


Step 2 Pour in 120ml of water


Step 3 Stir until smooth - aim for a custard-like consistency!


Step 4 Add your favourite toppings and enjoy (although Pro-Treat is so tasty on its own, you don’t even have to!)





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