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What's the Deal with Real Meal?

Do you struggle to find enough hours in the day to prepare healthy meals? Do you work in a job that doesn’t allow enough time to eat wholesome foods?  Are you unsure of what you should be eating for optimal health and functionality? Do you find it difficult to understand portion sizes? Have you tried every fad diet under the sun and still aren’t where you want to be?

We get it: finding the time, budget and nutritional knowledge to make healthy eating choices is often easier said than done. With health food being double the price of fast food and the media introducing a new diet craze every month, it’s no wonder our choices surrounding nutrition don’t always reflect our goals. The solution? Enter: meal replacement shakes!

So, what is a Meal Replacement Shake? 

Now, we know what you might be thinking: “what substantial goodness could I possibly get from those nutrient-scarce and unsustainable shakes?” Well, contrary to popular belief, not all meal replacement shakes are filled with sugar, lacking nutrients and pumping your body with filler ingredients. While not all meal replacements are created equal, they certainly aren’t all bad. In fact, did you know that meal replacement shakes were originally invented to help people absorb nutrients more easily? Yet, today that’s not the only benefit. They are also a convenient option for people who are short on time, trying to lose weight, or those who want to consume a satisfying and tasty meal without excessive calories. Simply put, they’re designed to provide the same nutrition as a full meal, in a convenient, calorie-controlled and easy-to-drink formula. Just think of meal replacement shakes as a low-fuss solution for high-quality nutrients.

Whether you’re new to the world of meal replacements or an avid user, there’s one product you need to know about: Real Meal...Evolve’s delicious and nutrient-packed meal replacement shake. Here’s the lowdown:

What is Evolve Real Meal?

True to its name, Real Meal is not your standard low-calorie, nutrient-scarce meal substitute. It’s a superior quality, low-carb, protein-packed, nutrient-loaded, and gut-nourishing meal replacement shake designed with four goals in mind: weight loss, inner health, convenience, and affordability. 

So, what’s inside? Evolve Real Meal contains a high-quality Whey Protein Blend to feed your muscles throughout the day and to keep you feeling fuller for longer. An MCT-Omega Blend for a generous serving of good fats to help improve blood sugar regulation, support appetite control, and to help boost your metabolism. Over 18 vitamins and minerals for optimal daily functionality, and a generous amount of probiotics to promote a healthy gut and to help you feel and perform your best.

Enjoy the goodness of a wholesome meal, without the mess, preparation and cost involved. No late-night sugar cravings or energy slumps, just a satisfying and delicious shake that’ll keep you going for longer!

Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll find inside:

  • Contains 23.6g of Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Low-calorie formula
  • Contains probiotics
  • Contains omega 3 / MCT healthy fats
  • Multivitamin
  • Contains 14.5g of complex carbs

What’s all the hype about meal replacement shakes? 

  1. Affordable - Looking for a low-calorie meal to assist with weight loss or weight maintenance? Sure you can go for your standard low-calorie packaged meal for $9.95, but this accrued cost will leave your pockets a tad empty by the end of the week. Instead, why not opt for a low-calorie, nutrient-rich meal replacement shake that costs a jaw-dropping $3.55 per shake? That’s more than half the savings! 
  2. Nutritious - We know meal replacement shakes get a pretty bad rap for being low in calories AND nutrients, but we promise you won’t have that problem with Real Meal. Whether you’re short on time and struggle to get your daily nutrient requirements in or you work in a job that doesn’t allow you to get what you need for optimal health, a meal replacement shake is an easy way to ensure your body is getting the goodness it needs to thrive, while simultaneously supporting your weight loss journey. Evolve Real Meal contains 18 vitamins and minerals for optimal daily functionality and a great source of probiotics for gut health.   
  3. Convenient - Whether you’re a busy parent on-the-run, a shift worker, an athlete, a manual labourer or you simply cannot find enough hours in the day, we get it: sometimes it’s hard to put your nutrition first. Evolve Real Meal is the perfect companion for those with a busy lifestyle who still want to put their health first. Evolve Real Meal contains 23.6g of protein, 14.5g of carbs, 5.6g of healthy fats and probiotics in one delicious-tasting, low-calorie shake. It really is that simple!
  4. Calorie-control - The science of losing weight is simple: you must consume less energy than you expend. Simple in theory, but that’s not to say it’s always easy in practice, right? From sugary temptations to a lack of understanding, many of us make poor nutrition choices and are actually eating far more than our bodies actually need. The solution? Evolve Real Meal - get the nutrients your body needs to function and perform at its best, without the unnecessary calories. This incredible formula is perfect for those wanting to lose or maintain their weight. A satiating shake that’s only 204 calories! 
  5. Filling - Thought meal replacement shakes were light and unsatisfying? Think again. Evolve Real Meal is high in Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate (fast and medium release protein) to help you feel fuller for longer to tide you over in between meals. Not to mention, the MCT-Omega Blend delivers a generous serving of good fats to further support appetite control.

Who are meal replacement shakes for? 

Simple explanation: Anyone wanting to enter a calorie deficit for weight loss or those who are too busy to source all their nutrients from whole foods. This includes, but is not limited, to: 

  • Those wanting to lose weight
  • Busy parents on-the-go
  • Shift workers - nurses, police, paramedics etc. 
  • Those on the road - truck drivers, delivery services etc. 
  • Corporate workers - Those in and out of meetings who struggle to fit in whole foods
  • People who tend to skip meals

But, do meal replacement shakes really work?

Substituting a meal or two with a nutritious and satisfying meal replacement shake can certainly be a cost-effective, convenient and efficient way to reach your weight loss goals or to ensure you’re meeting your daily nutrient requirements, for those who are constantly on the run.

Yet, it’s important to understand that not all meal replacement shakes are created equal. When purchasing a meal replacement, it’s important to read the nutrition panel carefully so you’re well aware of what you’re putting into your body. For instance, some meal replacements contain trace amounts of vitamins and minerals and are low in important macronutrients (carbs, fats and protein). Additionally, they may also be high in unhealthy ingredients such as corn syrup and chemical preservatives. 

Let’s recap: meal replacement shakes certainly do work as they’re quick, portable, convenient, nutritious, low in calories, cost-effective, and they take out the guesswork for those who aren’t sure about nutrition or simply don’t have the time to prioritise their macros. However, it’s important to choose your shake wisely. Aim to purchase a meal replacement shake that contains high protein, vitamins, minerals and relatively high amounts of carbs and healthy fats, while steering clear of high sugar and filler ingredients. 

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